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In this ever-growing digital age and the upcoming sales of 3D TVs, the services that I offer are the direction and edition of 3D video contents, full-dome movies (domemaster), as well as Hi-Def (HD) movies. Below is a list of all services offered.

Full-dome Movies (domemaster)

Full-dome movies are movies that can be projected on a spherical screen such as the screen of a planetarium. Such movies are made out of special frames called "domemaster" which are square frames containing the whole spherical scene in a single frame. I offer the creation and edition of such specially-formatted movies up to a resolution of 4Kx4K square-pixels.

Details of involved project can be found here.

3D Full-dome Movies (3D domemaster)

What are 3D Full-dome movies? These are movies that can be projected on a planetarium-like spherical screen in 3D (e.g. National Astronomical Observatory of Japan's "4D2U Theatre", The Science Museum's "Synra", the Miraikan's "Atmos").

I am specialized in the direction and edition of contents for these next-generation display platform.

The main characteristic of such a platform is the sense of immersivity. I believe that 3D Full-dome movies is the appropriate medium and form of expression of the 21st century.

Details of involved project can be found here.

Movies in other formats

I do make video contents for the new standard Full HD format (1920x1080 pixels), and do comply with other formats on demand.

Details of involved project can be found here.

Astronomy Outreach

Science is evolving every day at an astonishing pace. Of which astronomy's leap has been tremendous over the past centuries. We used to think that the Milky Way was the entire universe less than just a hundred years ago. Nowaday, we know that the Milky Way is just one galaxy out of a few hundred billions of galaxies in the observable universe.

In this globalized world of the 21st century that we live in, where boundaries between societies are starting to blur, I believe that astronomy is the most suitable basis for a worldwide society. Being universal by default, it can be used as an international communication tool as we, humans, are all living on the same planet Earth and are all sharing the same sky. As an earthling, I feel that all of us must learn at least the very basis of where we stand in this vast universe. However, astronomy researchers who are on the front-line of cutting-edge science and who, in principle, have the most up-to-date knowledge of their field, are constrained by their tight work-schedules, and thus, they do not have much time to spend toward outreach activities.

I believe that bringing cutting-edge astronomy concepts to an understandable level for non-scientists is a crucial element for a better development of our species. All of my works have been centered on that idea, and I am devoting my life to the creation of videos/lectures/seminars and hands-on activities, trying to bring astronomy to a wide range of people.

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